Visualization for Christians – Is It Biblical?

Visualization for Christians: Is it Okay or that New Age?

visualization for ChristiansLong before I became a born again believer in Jesus Christ, I was a big fan of the self improvement/personal development guru’s like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and more.  I love to learn new things and new concepts.  I would listen to tapes & CD’s in my car constantly.

So now as a Believer….how do I approach some of these things???

Well, I still am really big fan of personal development.  However, my foundation is ALWAYS first to the Bible.  This is a huge topic but specifically in this post I want to address Visualization for Christians.

Visualization is when you utilize your imagination to think about your future and what you want it to look like.  You get extremely detailed and LITERALLY see yourself in the future having the success your envision.  Visualization for Christians could easily become a controversial subject.

I know some religious people that would say that visualization for Christians is not okay.  That God orders our steps and that by doing this we are being self centered.  I’m not going to get into a debate here, but rather I just want to share with you what the Word of God has revealed to me about Visualization for Christians during my study time.

Visualization for Christians – Is it in the Bible?

As I was reading in my devotions (I’m currently reading the Contemporary English Version – CEV) I came across this passage in Isaiah 43: 18-19 that jumped out to me about the topic of Visualization for Christians:

18 Forget what happened long ago!
Don’t think about the past.
19 I am creating something new.
There it is! Do you see it?
I have put roads in deserts,
streams in thirsty lands.

Here’s a video I shot about this verse:

What really struck me is two things that personally I struggle with from time to time.

#1:  Forget the Past.

Often times we can’t imagine experiencing success or reaching new levels we’ve never reached before because we judge our future success on our past success or failures.  Here God is clearly telling us to FORGET IT.  There’s a powerful lesson in just that.

#2:  God is creating something new and He believes we are able to see it.

This is where visualization for Christians comes into play.  God is constantly doing a new thing in all of our lives.  Unfortunately, many times we are so stuck in limiting beliefs based on our past experiences that we can’t SEE what God is up to.

When is says “Do you see it?”  to me that is God saying “I see it, it’s there, can’t you?”  God is a God of Vision.  He has put visions in each of us that will bring Glory and Honor to Him.

Spending time utilizing the imagination that HE gave you and practicing Visualization for Christians is a powerful way to increase your vision and faith and move towards the great things that God has planned for your life.

I believe that Visualization for Christians must always be in line with what the Word of God says, and that is why if you are going to practice Visualization for Christians, you should always have your foundation be the Word of God, or the  Bible.

What do you think about Visualization for Christians.  I would love to hear your response.  Please leave a comment below.

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